Business value from the tribe

Senior leaders often look for new ideas to enhance their business, but in a large organization it can be difficult to gather innovation effectively. Sometimes consultants come in with new thinking but often, the folks on the ground, the ones closest to the customer, who understand the processes and challenges best – the “tribe”, are the best source of ideas.

How can you go about soliciting meaningful ideas and innovation from your team when they are spread around the country and globe?  In the past, high performers would be flown in for retreats and innovation sessions, but not only is this expensive, it also misses the value of a large part of the organization.

One of our clients recognized the importance of extracting ideas from the entire organization for an upcoming launch and they turned to us for help.  By approaching idea generation through a virtual lens, our client was able to use our Liquid Ideas program to engage their entire organization, generate ideas and deliver value to the business. All without travel or lost productivity.

Check out the case study for details on how RVIBE’s Liquid Ideas program delivered value, innovation and results.

Posted on July 8, 2015 in Updates

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