Workshop 1 day 2: COPD and Asthma

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Today’s World Wide Respiratory Medical Affairs workshop covers both COPD and Asthma, welcome!

Please join the virtual session by entering your information below and clicking “Logon”.

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Recent iOS and Novartis Tunnel changes seem to be causing intermittent issues for some users attempting to access the session via the logon above. Please go ahead and fill in the form and click logon. If you are granted access to the session, then attend normally. If you the session does not start, please do the following:

  • Ensure you have the Adobe connect app installed. You may find it by tapping this link
  • Once you have Adobe Connect installed, highlight and copy this link:

  • Open the Adobe Connect App and paste in the link (see image below).

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  • Tap “Guest”, type in your ID and tap “Enter” (see image below). You should be able to access the session normally.

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If you need further help, please call RVIBE’s help desk at:  610-810-2500.

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