Finding the right sales approach is tricky

B2B sales should be about adding value and solving a customer’s pain – not about pushing product.  That means that you need to understand your customer intimately. Their needs must be crystal clear and your answer must hit those needs squarely on the pain point.

However, that necessarily means 1. you’ve got to get to know your customers really well and 2. you have to really figure out what their pain is and how you solve it (and solve it better than anyone else).   Both of which are not easy.

It’s easy to feel like you’re a burden to a potential customer or even a good customer.  It’s easy to not really understand a customer – and skip trying to understand because you feel like a burden.  But – if you’re really trying to solve their problem, then they hopefully will sense that – and treat you more as a consultant than a sales rep.  But – that’s a hard act to pull off.  And that gets even harder when a customer does not even realize that have a pain that is easily solvable.

We focus on understanding our customers as much as possible, sometimes educating them where needed and always working to solve the problem they have.

Posted on December 2, 2010 in Updates

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