Flip learning – RVIBE Town Hall Style!

I’ve really taken to the concept of Flip Learning (aka Flip Teaching) and find that with the amount of presenting we do, it can also significantly improve normal communication.  For example, last week I used the Flip approach for our company town hall.  Meaning – I delivered the presentation before the meeting, then used the questions everyone submitted in the meeting to get into the weeds rather than a high-level overview.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Prepared my slide deck in PowerPoint and attempted to keep it under 20 min. I did make some of the slides “reading slides” (instead of just imagery) since I knew people would go back, pause and review the materials.
  2. Recorded my self and my presentation in Camtasia  (with my webcam in the bottom corner). The recording took about 20 min (the duration of the presentation).  I didn’t do anything fancy like focusing on different areas or adding in questions/polling, but if I had it would have made it even more interesting.
  3. Uploaded the video file to PLS.rvibe.com.
  4. Created a curriculum with the meeting and added it to our team’s group.
  5. As people watched the video, they submitted questions about my presentation (many of them very challenging questions).
  6. Then during the actual town hall live session, I addressed the questions in depth and people had a chance to really get into the nitty gritty and deep.  It was incredible and a much better experience for the entire team then my just presenting and letting them respond in real time.

Flip Learning in PLS


I am loving flip learning – even for business meetings.

Posted on August 22, 2013 in General, Updates

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