How twitter makes sense within a collaboration context

Twitter is a public forum tool, plain and simple. And collaboration has traditionally been a private affair.  But in the current generation of the Internet there is a trade wind blowing toward open collaboration and working together.  That’s where twitter comes in from a alerting and starting standpoint.

Meaning, it might add value to have alerting of an open collaboration session built into collaboration.  But you’d also have to have some means of brining the conversation back into the collaboration tool.  That would extend the learning and collaboration experience to everyone within your immediate social network.

I posted about group conversations here, but it has different meaning in the collaboration and learning context.  We need to understand how immediate feedback loops outside the learning environment might enhance the experience, overall retention and productivity of the session.

Would you see value in bringing alerting and group twitter conversations into a collaboration environment?


Posted on March 31, 2011 in Technology, Updates

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