Live video streaming and turkey

How do they go together?  Well, they don’t really unless there is interest watching someone deep fry a turkey and potentially burn down their house/garage/gazebo.  If that was captured live I’m thinking it would draw some serious viewership numbers.

rVibe’s blog has gone live at Thanksgiving this year.  And for that we are thankful, because now – right here – you can join us in scintillating commentary on rVibe (what we have done, are doing, would have done differently, want to do, thinking we might do, and shouldn’t have done), the live streaming video industry and life in general.

The live video streaming industry is exciting.  Coupled with the diverse products and services already available, there is incredible and innovative development and innovation occurring with rVibe right in the middle of it.

So come back regularly, comment and join us to discuss the technology, business development and marketing of the live video streaming industry as rVibe evolves its products and services to make a difference within the industry.

Posted on November 27, 2010 in Updates

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