SPBT Focus: Sanofi and VMM

When we began working with Sanofi in 2009 to support the growth in their Virtual Training efforts, none of us knew just how far we could take the evolution of live online learning. Two years later, we now know that not only can Live Online Learning be a tremendous cost saver, but when done right, it can practically revolutionize how training is done.

By deploying the methodology that became rVibe’s Virtual Maturity Model, Sanofi was able to not only save $5M over 2 years in travel costs, they were able to successfully train 900 associates with two week notice and hit 95% pass rates on first time compliance tests for that group. To be that successful, it took a different mind set than tradition “webinar” focused learning.

As Jeff Taylor from Sanofi comments in the current issue of SPBT Focus, “We’ve never agreed with the misguided principle that you can’t conduct Web-based training the same way you conduct classroom training.”  We couldn’t agree more.

You need to look at the whole approach, bend the medium to your need, and train as you would in a classroom.  By following our Virtual Maturity Model for technique, technology, and content, it’s possible.


Posted on July 27, 2011 in Updates

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