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Virtual classroomWe mentioned at SPBT this year we’ll be doing a couple sessions, one of which is a post conference workshop on how to really, actually, truly conduct successful live Virtual training (PDF, scroll down). Even with all the buzz around live Internet training, there is still a lot of fear around doing it right.  The most common concerns we come across are 1: getting the technology to work, and making sure learners are engaged for extended periods of time.  There are others too but those are the biggest.

The holy grail of live Internt learning is a blend of addressing those two concerns.  And doing it over 8 hours, across 5 days, for hundreds of learners.  And yes, we’re here to say, it’s not only possible to get through it, it’s possible to do it really really well.  Test scores prove it. Qualitative survey results prove it.  Sales stats prove it.  We’re not kidding.

But HOW do you do it?  For trainers and training departments attempting to go down that path, it seems very daunting.  The hurdles appear to be many.

  1. I don’t even know what technology to use, where to get it, how to cobble it together and get it to work.  Forget it.
  2. I know that when I sit in on a webinar, I tune out in 10 minutes – max.   Nobody will pay attention for 8 hours.
  3. As a trainer, I won’t be able to see what the learners are doing – surfing the web, playing with dog I hear barking… are they even there?
  4. I feel really really strange talking to a camera (and seeing myself).  Do I really look like that?
  5. I’ve heard I have to overhaul all my materials – it’s going to take months to get through compliance with that.

BUT – those issues are all very easy to over come. No, seriously, we mean it.  They are.

The SPBT post conference workshop is a nuts-and-bolts session for those managers and trainers on the hook to make it work.  You can do it.  This workshop will show you how.  Things like:

  1. Selecting an online learning platform
  2. How to setup the trainer learning space
  3. How to conduct a virtual training session
  4. How to engage learners consistently over time
  5. How to get the kind of feedback that will help your program


If you need to execute live Internet training, this is the session for you.


Posted on April 12, 2011 in Updates

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