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Overcoming the 5 Barriers to Virtual Excellence

There is a vision for virtual communication that is far beyond what most companies do today.  It’s all about connecting geographically distributed users in a collaborative work flow and learning environment to focus their goals and enhance their productivity. Bear in mind, that a virtual program is not “doing webinars” or “using video conferencing.” It’s going…

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Flip learning – RVIBE Town Hall Style!

I’ve really taken to the concept of Flip Learning (aka Flip Teaching) and find that with the amount of presenting we do, it can also significantly improve normal communication.  For example, last week I used the Flip approach for our company town hall.  Meaning – I delivered the presentation before the meeting, then used the…

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Attend our SPBT workshop(s) on virtual training

We’re very excited to be going to SPBT Conference at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando; of course. The conference is May 9th – 13th. And, for us this year is super special since we’re presenting two separate workshops on ¬†Virtual Training. The first is a Director level view of Virtual training – benefits, tips, how…

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