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Trainers: can you use the iPad for live online learning?

The vast majority of our customers are talking iPad for their field reps.  Many of them are in the midst of pilots, some are starting pilots, some have finished pilots and are deploying.  At this point, the question is not if but when . But interestingly, we’re also seeing that while deployments are happening, there is a lot…

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A place for creative collaboration – ideas?

We’re building a place for creative collaboration and we love ideas.  Here’s the thing: Philosophers have spent centuries defining art and creativity.  Recently scientists and educators have taken to researching creativity.  But from a work standpoint, we don’t really need to understand the roots of the creative instinct, or how the mind works comes up…

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How twitter makes sense within a collaboration context

Twitter is a public forum tool, plain and simple. And collaboration has traditionally been a private affair.  But in the current generation of the Internet there is a trade wind blowing toward open collaboration and working together.  That’s where twitter comes in from a alerting and starting standpoint. Meaning, it might add value to have…

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