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Business value from the tribe

Senior leaders often look for new ideas to enhance their business, but in a large organization it can be difficult to gather innovation effectively. Sometimes consultants come in with new thinking but often, the folks on the ground, the ones closest to the customer, who understand the processes and challenges best – the “tribe”, are the…

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Just a little live streaming test

Info corner: the value of properly adding video to your webinar

Over the years, with hundreds of thousands of hours of virtual sessions, we’ve found that adding high quality, live  video to a webinar or training session dramatically increases participant engagement and information retention. Andy, our Director of Production, put together this 90 second video showing the value of high quality, live video and the differences…

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Flip learning – RVIBE Town Hall Style!

I’ve really taken to the concept of Flip Learning (aka Flip Teaching) and find that with the amount of presenting we do, it can also significantly improve normal communication.  For example, last week I used the Flip approach for our company town hall.  Meaning – I delivered the presentation before the meeting, then used the…

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Trainers: can you use the iPad for live online learning?

The vast majority of our customers are talking iPad for their field reps.  Many of them are in the midst of pilots, some are starting pilots, some have finished pilots and are deploying.  At this point, the question is not if but when . But interestingly, we’re also seeing that while deployments are happening, there is a lot…

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The importance of audio in live video training

It’s pretty well understood (although not commonly implemented) that live video in the live online training environment makes a significantly better training experience. However, the importance of high quality audio and the synchronization of audio to video are not fully appreciated. At a core human level, research has shown that people are predominately visual in their…

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In-car video chat, sales reps can rejoice!

Ok, this is about in-car video chat, but it’s also about why we’re talking about it. Most of our clients are looking seriously at the iPad for their sales environments, and so we’ve been doing a lot of playing, supporting, piloting, developing and testing on iPads around here. We’re pretty keen on video (obviously) as…

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SPBT Focus: Sanofi and VMM

When we began working with Sanofi in 2009 to support the growth in their Virtual Training efforts, none of us knew just how far we could take the evolution of live online learning. Two years later, we now know that not only can Live Online Learning be a tremendous cost saver, but when done right,…

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Never eliminate in-person training

Live online learning is the new eLearning.  It’s the solution we all knew would finally materialize allowing trainers to shut down travel, keep people in the field, and cut costs.  And we’ve heard vendors say over and over again that companies should go fully virtual for their learning.  They recommend a webinar approach for replacing in-person…

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Managers dislike Live-Online Learning. It’s true.

Well, maybe not all managers, but some. And it’s with good reason, although it may have very little to do with live-online learning per se. I met with a DSM (District Sales Manager) at a large Pharma yesterday and had a very interesting interaction. Being a person who likes to know what someone’s pain points…

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